MedMedia aims to facilitate the progress of media reforms in the MENA region by offering policy-makers, regulators, broadcasters and union leaders access to relevant experience and know-how from both sides of the Mediterranean.

MedMedia is an inclusive initiative which will complement ongoing campaigns to promote media freedoms and overcome the barriers to sectorial change.

Know-how and expertise will be channelled through a range of networking activities as well as an innovative peer-to-peer programme which will “pair” institutions from the European Union and the Southern Mediterranean. Essential resources will be captured on the MedMedia Portal which will also host an exchange of opinion around key issues.

Part of the €17 million EU-funded programme entitled “Media and Culture for Development in the Southern Mediterranean”, MedMedia will work in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel and Palestine. MedMedia was launched in January 2014 and will run for a total of 48 months.

MedMedia is being implemented by a consortium led by BBC Media Action and comprising the International Federation of Journalists, IREX Europe, the Blanquerna School of Communications and the Jordan Media Institute.