Regulatory Authorities

Regulatory authorities for audio-visual media currently exist only in Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon and Israel. Through the networking component, the project will support their efforts to introduce new governance mechanisms or improve existing ones. The project will engage with the following regulators or regulation projects:

  • Algeria: an Audio visual Regulatory Authority (ARAV) has been enacted by the 29/01/ 2014 law broadcasting law but has yet to be put in place.
  • The High Authority for Audio-visual Communication (HACA) is the Moroccan regulatory authority, established in 2002.
  • The Audio-Visual Commission (AVC) is Jordan’s regulator. It has an advisory status and operates under the aegis of the Council of Ministers.
  • The High Authority for Broadcast Communication (HAICA) is the Tunisian regulator which was launched in 2011 and started operating in 2014.
  • The National Audiovisual Council (NAC) in Lebanon plays an advisory role regarding licensing. Half of its ten members are appointed by the Ministry of Information. It can recommend sanctions against media outlets which violate the law but the sanctions are handed down by the Council of Ministers.
  • Israel: the Council for Cable and Satellite Broadcasting (CCSB), established in 1982, regulates subscriber television and special interest commercial channels whilst the Second Authority for Television and Radio regulates the activities of Israel’s commercial radio and television channels.