In Germany, eSport still leads a rather niche existence, but this is changing noticeably. No wonder, because eSports sports betting is exciting, offers variety (to real sports betting), often good odds and numerous other advantages. Everything you need to know about eSports Wetten Deutschland, betting options, eSport betting providers as well as tips and tricks can be read here.

What are eSports bets anyway?

In eSports teams compete against each other in the most famous computer games of the world. The competitions are not (only) conducted by the home PC. On the contrary, the events on site are real big events. And you can place bets on exactly these events or individual games from them with eSport betting providers.

The games are broadcast on big screens and in the auditorium there is a huge fan community. The fans pay homage to the best players of the scene like stars by now. According to our eSports experience, all this is not so far-fetched, because here too, money rules the world. The top players earn an income of well over half a million dollars a year. Even many a tennis or soccer professional has to stretch himself enormously to penetrate these regions. In the top tournaments, prize money of several million dollars is on the cards. Some of the major events are watched on the Internet by over five million viewers. That means a lot of potential for weather and bookmakers.

How good are the eSports betting odds? – And what are the odds of winning?

The eSports betting odds are roughly in the tennis range. The favorites range from about 1.4 to 1.6 and the underdog teams have odds between 2.2 and 2.6. In the long-term range – especially for the complete series – the odds are much higher. Tippers who have the necessary flair for this can even put together their own surrebets.

With finding and calculating the betting odds, the bookmakers currently still have their hands full. The performance strengths of the teams cannot always be clearly determined. Betting friends who are intensively involved in the matter have a good chance of success via real value bets. The eSports betting provider can be tricked in one way or another. While the bookies usually predict the probability of results in the most important soccer leagues with pinpoint accuracy, eSports betting is sometimes even more upside down – and this is exactly your opportunity to win.

Is there an extra bonus for eSports?

Yes, in some cases there are bonuses available for eSports. There is also the case that you can use the eSports stakes to unlock any sports betting bonus you may have collected.

For example, if the customer receives a 100 percent deposit bonus of up to 100 Euro from his bookie at the start, he can – if desired – wager this bonus completely in the eSports sector.

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Are eSports bets legal?

From time to time the question of the legality of computer games and related eSports bets arises. For both details there is a very clear answer: Yes, the games and betting on eSports are legal.

The games themselves are of course not necessarily suitable for children, as they are usually figuratively “shot out of all pipes”. It is not without reason that the manufacturers have put an age limit on the games.

The bookmaker offers are legal anyway. Although there is still an uncertain legal situation in Germany with regard to online gambling, players do not have to worry about being prosecuted if they bet on eSport thanks to EU laws that are also applicable in this country. Ultimately, in practice it makes no difference whether the bets are placed on a soccer match or an eSports event.