The Gambling Commission of Britain has made it clear today about the new rules to curb online gambling. This is aimed at ensuring the gambling is fairer and safer. The new rules will adhere to an open’ consultation to enable operators to easily verify the age of the customers and their details of identification easily. This will be a huge advantage, especially to consumers.

Safe For Children

As we talk, the online gambling sites has been given 72′ hours ultimatum to conduct thorough checks on age verification. The operator will not allow by any chance customers to have successful withdrawal after winning until they verify their age. After completion, if they realize one is underage’ the stake will be returned.

In order to protect against the risk associated with children gambling, the new rules will ensure operators conduct age verification of their customers before a customer:

  • deposit’ funds into their account
  • gamble using licensee using their real money or bonus or a extra spins.

Additionally, the commission is insisting that’ all customers need to be age verified before they are allowed access to the free’-to-play gambling games version on the website of the licensee. It should be noted that free-to-play’ games are not really technical gambling because no reward is involved. Therefore, no legitimate reason as to why they should be made available to underage children.

Safer and Fairer

Being March year 2018′, it was announced by the Commission that there were some operators who were treating’ their customers in an unfair manner. They went ahead to request more information whenever a customer tried to cash out their winnings. About 15% of complaints’ which were directed to the contact’ center was that most of the customers could not be allowed to make withdraws without making submissions of some form’ of ID.

The new’ rules will compel remote’ licensee to:

  • verify, the name, minimum, date of birth and address of the customer before they approve them for gambling
  • take some reasonable’ steps to make sure the information about customers’ identities are authentic and accurate.
  • request for additional information promptly.

-inform their clients on the types of identity’ documents or any other form of information which they could require, circumstances under which information will be demanded, and how the information will be provided to the licensee, before making any deposit.

The changes to the rules will allow operators to easily detect or prevent any harm since they will be having sufficient information about different customers. Moreover, these changes are an indication that the operators are not allowed to demand their customers to submit ID before they are allowed to cash out. They must request this information beforehand.

Last but not least, these changes are going to increase the chances that someone can be identified whenever they make an attempt of gambling at exclusion. This will also, cut across the self-exclusion schemes’ of operators and online multi-operator’ of self-exclusion’ scheme. This means effective and efficient verification’, by the operator is an indication that a customer may not be verified, hence no approval for gambling until they avail correct information. The information will be checked against the self-exclusion’ of the operator’s database and verified data contained in the Gamestop.

According to Neil McArthur, the Chief Executive of Gambling Commission, these rules adjustments will ensure children are protected, a lower crime rate that comes with gambling and vulnerability harm of gambling. They are going to make gambling venture fairer through enabling consumers to cash out their winnings without any delay.

The online gambling industry of Britain stands out as the biggest regulated’ market in the whole world. So we are aimed at ensuring it’s one of the fairest and safest. To be informed about our changes, you can go through our online gambling review and the ongoing spread of the regulatory action on the internet.

It was confirmed by Jeremy’ Wright, the Secretary’ of State for Culture, Digital, Sport and Media, that changes will ensure operators check customers age before they engage into gambling. This will add extra’ layer to offer protection to young people and children who will engage in gambling. Through the extension of rules on age verification on free-to-play’ games, we will be able to build a safer online world for our children. This will help to curb any harm related to gambling.

These rules will be enforced is on 7th May.

The Commission of Gambling will then launch a consultation plan in order to bring on board our explanations on how to interact with a client who could be experiencing a problem or harm related to gambling. We shall also provide evidence regarding the use of gambling blocking’ Software.