This group includes policy-makers at government level, in national line ministries as well as law-makers. The project will seek to strengthen national partnerships to give additional impetus to ongoing initiatives for reform. Nationally, this goal will be achieved by bringing all four stakeholders together and creating the dynamic that will influence policy-making towards media reform along terms set by practitioners and journalists’ representatives. The policy-makers’ group sits at the heart of this process and networking events will constitute an opportunity for this group to present their roadmaps for reform and discuss how they will impact on other stakeholder groups. 

  • Morocco: The Ministry of Communication plans and implements government policy related to press, audiovisual communication, publicity, films and copyright, training, human resources and national production. The Moroccan Parliament also forms part of this stakeholder group.
  • Algeria: The Ministry of Communication is the government body in charge of planning and implementing policy on communications in Algeria. The Algerian Parliament is also an integral part of this group.
  • Tunisia: The Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Communication and Information Technologies (MINCOM) and Tunisia’s Assemblée Nationale Constituante.
  • Libya: The Ministry of Information and the Libyan Parliament.
  • Egypt: The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) is responsible for information and communications technology issues in Egypt. Egypt’s Parliament is also part of this group.
  • Palestine: The Ministry of Information is the government body in charge of planning and implementing policy relating to media and election polls in Palestine. The Palestinian Legislative Council is also a key player.
  • Jordan: The Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MoICT) is the government entity responsible for articulating policy in the areas of information technology, telecommunications and the postal service. Jordan’s Parliament is also part of this stakeholder group.
  • Israel: The Ministry of Communication and the Knesset.
  • Lebanon: the Ministry of Information implements government policies in the sector and acts as a regulatory authority. Overall policy-making responsibilities lie with Lebanon’s Parliament.