The IREX Europe approach emphasises partnerships with local development organisations to expand capacity, build sustainable institutions and effect change.

IREX Europe is registered as an association in France since 2004. IREX Europe works in close co-operation with its network partner IREX, sharing resources and skills, and IREX Europe can draw from an extensive pool of development professionals, programme alumni, and consultant experts for its activities.

With more than 100 field offices in 25 countries as well as numerous local partners in capitals and regional cities, IREX and IREX Europe have broad resources to design, implement, monitor, and evaluate programming.

IREX Europe has partnered with BBC Media Action on a number of projects – most recently, the EU-funded initiative aimed at improving media coverage of Accession issues in Serbia during which it gained an excellent experience of supporting Media Fund grantees.

It also has a long track record of supporting journalists in highly repressive environments including Burma and Belarus. As noted above, IREX Europe has an exceptional portfolio of media literacy projects and has developed a range of innovative techniques for giving students a hands-on experience of multi-media platforms.