The main function of the university is to educate and train journalists, publicists, public relations experts and professionals in the fields of cinema and television.

The School of Communication within the Blanquerna Foundation is a private university which provides quality tuition in small groups and which has a grant system in place so that money is not an obstacle to obtaining a quality education. Courses are based on a personalised methodology which combines theory with practice and encourages students’ creativity, critical analysis and interdisciplinary work.

The academic body comprises 170 teachers who are specialists in the field of education and communication researchers. Most of them combine teaching with professional work in their chosen field, engaging in numerous activities such as conferences, book presentations, documentaries and films, debates, etc. which promote and stimulate the education process.

The School organises the Blanquerna Communication Conferences: three days of analysis and discussion on a current issue. The conferences have become a point of reference for the media in Spain.

Over the past two years, Blanquerna has developed a strong track record in media development with a particular focus on legislation and regulation. Consultancy initiatives have included a series of lectures for law-makers in Tunis funded by the Council of Europe; the publication of reports on the media regulatory transition in Tunisia; an assessment of the regulatory framework in the Dominican Republic; and a training programme for staff at the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission of Thailand.