Registered as an NGO, BBC Media Action currently employs more than 520 project staff in 18 countries and has worked in 45 countries worldwide since its inception in 1999.

BBC Media Action trainers and consultants are working journalists, editors and producers with substantial newsgathering, programme-making and editorial experience in the BBC.

Public service broadcasting is a key focus area for the organisation. Over the past decade, BBC Media Action worked to develop skills and shape editorial policy at public broadcasters in Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova and Kyrgyzstan.

It is now at the forefront of initiatives to introduce or enhance public service programming in Libya, Tunisia, Palestine and Algeria in the wake of the Arab Spring. Related projects have included the co-production of debate programmes as well as civic education films.

Over the past decade, the organisation has built up an impressive track record in the field of media regulation and policy. Last year, the draft media law developed by BBC consultants in Turkmenistan was passed by the Turkmen parliament. Similar initiatives in Afghanistan and Iraq have had significant influence on the legal framework in which local media now operate.

Over the past two years, BBC Media Action has been working to devise and implement Serbia’s digitalisation strategy and, in 2013, the organisation supported efforts to develop the regulatory frameworks in Tunisia and Libya.