The project will give policy-makers the chance to join a debate with media reform campaigners and examine legislative frameworks governing the media in comparable environments. They will be invited to explore a range of different approaches before considering how these could be applied or adapted to their specific needs.

By supporting efforts to reform legislative frameworks, the project will lay down the foundations for greater independence, transparency, freedom and pluralism in the media sector.

Regulatory bodies

MedMedia will multiply experience-sharing opportunities between regulators in the Southern Mediterranean countries and their counterparts in the European Union and the wider region. Through formal meetings and the peer-to-peer programme, they will be able to examine tried and tested models as well as to strengthen their capacity and resources.

MedMedia aims to work in close collaboration with the Mediterranean Network of Regulatory Authorities in this field.

Public service media

The project will consider current challenges facing state media and facilitate a dialogue around possible solutions. In particular, MedMedia will focus on ways of developing local programming which acts as an interface between national audiences and their elected representatives.

Workshops will also address the need to introduce or improve specialist programming aimed at addressing gender equality and vulnerable or marginalised groups. Activities will be implemented in cooperation with the Arab States Broadcasting Union, supported by the European Broadcasting Union and COPEAM.

Supporting organisations

The International Federation of Journalists will work with journalism syndicates, policy makers and civil society organisations to explore campaigns and new models to protect media practitioners and support press freedom in the region.

The opportunity to learn from the experiences and mechanisms developed in the EU and at an international level is likely to be particularly valuable. Through its peer-to-peer programme, MedMedia will also provide capacity-building opportunities to leading journalism schools, with a particular focus on curriculum design and applying theory to practice.