Press release 14.07.2017

MedMedia’s online mapping tool has reached its 100 mark milestone last week.

Launched just over a year ago by MedMedia, an EU-funded programme, the database is dedicated to mapping media development initiatives in partner countries across the Southern Mediterranean. It offers information on ongoing and implemented media programmes, in a bid to boost coordination among key media actors.

A search engine including an interactive map allows users to filter projects by country, agency and funder. The initiative aims to address the duplication of efforts and provide donors, implementing agencies and key stakeholders with a coordination platform.

MedMedia’s online resources also feature an online library, a ‘one-stop shop’ for individuals and organisations tasked with reforming the media sector or implementing development projects. It draws some 350 key documents in Arabic, English and French, with a view to making them more accessible to key stakeholders.

Both services, which will continue to expand during and beyond the project’s lifecycle, enable key stakeholders to examine the experience of their counterparts in comparable environments and use this information to shape their own decision-making processes.

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