Press release 8 November 2017

A regional workshop organised by the EU-funded MedMedia programme in Tunis last week gathered delegates from nine public service broadcasters in the Southern Mediterranean, to discuss in-house training strategies.

Part of MedMedia’s peer-to-peer programme, the event was organised on 2-3 November in cooperation with the Permanent Conference of Mediterranean Audiovisual Operators (COPEAM) and hosted by the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU). It closes a comprehensive exchange programme and a series of regional workshops aimed at enhancing the broadcasters’ training capacities.

The programme crucially offered managers a forum for developing or reviewing internal training strategies with a focus on addressing the digital transition. “In order to compete in a fast-paced, digitised and multichannel world, broadcasters need to prioritise not only technological change but also the editorial and cultural transformation required by the digital environment” said Jocelyn Grange, in charge of MedMedia peer-to-peer activites.

The exchanges also raised awareness on the pivotal role of ASBU’s Academy in supporting training initiatives at the public service broadcasters, through Menos, a dedicated distance learning system.

“Tailor-made to meet our specific needs, the programme has been quite an experience”, said Souad Al-Moumni, head of 2M’s training department. “We clearly all face the major challenges digital transition poses and it was great to be able to discuss them on a platform that offers innovative solutions.”

The exchange platform brought together the following broadcasters: Télé Liban, Radio Liban, the Palestine Broadcasting Corporation, Jordan Radio and Television, the Egyptian Radio and Television Union, Tunisian National Radio, Tunisian Public Television, Algerian National Radio and Morocco’s 2M TV channel.

It will carry on beyond the MedMedia programme, including through a more coordinated approach of training and the curriculum offered by ASBU’s Academy.

Photo: MedMedia