Press release 17.02.2017

Algeria’s public broadcaster, the Etablissement public de télévision (EPTV) joined forces with the EU-funded MedMedia programme to deliver a three-day workshop on production in Algiers.

The event, which brought together around 30 in-house and external producers on February 12-14, was aimed at identifying areas for improvement in EPTV’s production policies. It also covered issues such as public service broadcasting values and standards, programming, funding, the digital transition and the professional skills of producers in a fast-changing industry.

As part of its peer-to-peer programme, MedMedia deployed two experts, Daniel Brouyère, producer for Radio Télévision Belge Francophone (RTBF), and Laurence Bagot, Director of Narrative, a French production company which specialises in new media.

“One of the key points we wanted to demonstrate was the extent to which production is the result of a collective effort. There was particular interest from participants in new production models, roles and jobs within production”, said Laurence Bagot.

This event comes in the wake of concerted efforts at all levels in the EPTV group to compete with the large satellite channels and Algeria’s emerging privately owned broadcasters whilst continuing to make progress towards a full transition to public service broadcasting. Since 2015, MedMedia has been facilitating this process through a multi-layered support programme.

Photo: ENTV