Press release 2 March 2017

The EU-funded MedMedia programme, in partnership with the Permanent Conference of Mediterranean Audiovisual Operators (COPEAM), organised a workshop on in-house training for public service broadcasters in the Southern Mediterranean Region on February 27-28. Held in Amman, the event marked the beginning of nine-month peer-to-peer exchange programme aimed at developing training policy and resources with a particular focus on ways in which internal training strategies can address the digital transition.

The programme is based on the premise that managing the digital transition is one of the key challenges currently being faced by radio and TV broadcasters in the region. In order to compete in a fast-paced, digitised and multichannel world, broadcasters need to prioritise not just technological change but also the editorial and cultural transformation required by the digital environment.

The programme will also aim to promote collaboration and partnerships between broadcasters in the region, as well as to identify effective ways in which the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) could contribute to in-house training initiatives, including through the MENOS distance learning system. In this regard, the programme will complement MedMedia’s ongoing initiative to strengthen ASBU’s training operation and will help to reinforce ASBU’s role as a thought leader in this field.

Attending the event, Hala Zureiqat, Adviser at Roya TV and MedMedia expert, said « media outlets have not forecasted the needs required by the digital transition. They need support to outline new work profiles and processes »

Rita Nouajaim, Programmes Director at Radio Liban, added: “our needs, in facing the challenge of digital transition, are immense. Exchanges with other broadcasters help us assess them better, and adopt the best strategies to overcome the resistance of journalists and technicians who might be discouraged by the speed at which new technologies evolve”.

In total, nine public broadcasters from seven partner countries participate in the programme. They comprise: Entreprise nationale de radiodiffusion sonore (ENRS) in Algeria, Soread – 2M in Morocco Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU), Jordan Radio and Television (JRTV), Palestine Broadcasting Corporation (PBC), Radio Liban, TéléLiban, Radio national tunisienne (RNT), and Télévision Tunisienne Al Wataniya

Represented by senior HR and training executives, these broadcasters work with three MedMedia experts to identify the main weaknesses and priorities in their respective media outlets, then to develop proper internal policies and strategies aimed at addressing them.