Picture: MedMedia

Picture: MedMedia

Press release 25 April 2018

The EU-funded MedMedia programme, in partnership with the Permanent Conference of Mediterranean Audiovisual Operators (COPEAM), organised this week its final workshop for public service broadcasters in the Southern Mediterranean Region.

Held in Tunis on April 23-24, the event marked the end of a four-year multi-layered peer-to-peer exchange programme aimed at helping national broadcasters continue transition to a more public service orientated broadcasting.

Representing seven public broadcasters in the region, including Moroccan Soread-2M, Algerian Television (EPTV) and Radio (ENRS), Tunisian El Watanya and Radio (RNT), al Mamlaka in Jordan and Radio Liban, participants devised strategies to strengthen public service broadcasting principles internally and expand broadcasters’ editorial independence in the short to medium terms.

“There is consensus in the region that national broadcasters should uphold public service values, but each one must develop its own model, programming, policies and funding, depending on the specific constraints of its political, social and historical environment “said Rita Noujaim, Programming Director at Radio Lebanon.

The meeting also outlined a series of priority actions including developing draft legislation aimed at guaranteeing broadcasters’ editorial, financial and administrative independence, ensuring internal compliance with editorial and ethical standards, developing new business model to reduce public broadcasters’ dependence on state budget, and giving a stronger voice to public in broadcast programming. This event’s themes and conclusions will be further discussed at MedMedia’s closing conference, scheduled in Tunis on 8/9 May.

This workshop was supported by media experts from Slovenia and Serbia which provided unique insights into the transitional experience of state-owned media in Central and Eastern Europe.