Press release 23 March 2017

Representatives of Tunisia’s regulatory body took part in a three-day study tour to the United Kingdom and France last week under the aegis of the EU-funded MedMedia programme.

During the trip, four members of the Haute autorité indépendante de la communication audiovisuelle (HAICA) met with counterparts from the United Kingdom’s Office of Communications (Ofcom) and the French audiovisual regulator, the Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel (CSA).

Discussions focused on the research programmes implemented by Ofcom and the CSA, both of which collect and analyse information on changes in media programming and consumption habits as well as the distribution of services and digital audiovisual content.

The exchanges also gave the HAICA delegates fresh insight into French and British policies for regulating public service broadcasters; allocating airtime during elections; and supporting community media.

Nouri Lajmi, president of the HAICA, said, “This study visit helped us to understand other approaches to regulation and compare their benefits and limitations. This will assist us in building a model which pays due regard to the Tunisian context and the specific contours of our media landscape.”

During their stay in Paris, the Tunisian delegates also visited Médiamétrie, France’s leader in audience measurement and market studies for audiovisual and interactive media.

The March 15-17 study visit came as part of MedMedia’s peer-to-peer programme, which facilitates an exchange of expertise between media organisations from both sides of the Mediterranean.

Follow-up activities are planned in Tunisia with a view to setting up a research department within the HAICA and establishing a reliable and professional tool for audience metrics.